uju Resort is a place where you can feel the heartstrings of your home in the harmony of nature and art.
Muju Resort lets us discover the original meaning of such a home.
It is the home of spring where you sow seeds and raise a new life.
There wild flowers make us ruminate the meaning of life.

When summer arrives, you can experience the new joys as you enjoy the shades of green woods, catch diving beetles in the brooks and shed.

Here you can see the autumn fruits ripen, which bear the original taste we remember from our homes in the old days.

When it¨ winter. You can recollect the memories of your forgotten homes as you fly a kite or spin a top in the bosom of snow-white nature.

Muju Resort¨s basic concept is to become a place where you discover yourself in the comfort & serenity of your home, and creatively vitalize your body and spirit.
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  The Muju Country Club Greens is the best wild plateau golf course in Korea. You can enjoy the forest bath appreciating the full bloom wild flowers around this place. When you see wild flowers come out splendidly, you will be feeling the season.

The scent of wood through the blowing wind makes your heart fresh and you will be pleased with the forest bath in this vivid golf course where the nature is alive as it is.